Italy – Spain – Caribbean


Italy is well known as one of the greatest locations in The Mediterranean.
Beautifull coastlines and mainland cities for enjoying holidays or long time stay.
For lovers of snow, beaches, nature, culture and food this is the places to visit.
Venice, Rome, Lake como, Florence, Sicilia and Sardegna for everyone a perfect
place to explore. 



Is a beautiful country with a lot of different ways to explore. Visiting the mainland you can travel towards nature, take a trip along coastlines, book excursions to see various cultures or feel free on the waters. Next to the mainland you will find the Balearic and Canarian Islands. The all have there own identity were you can be part of nature, visit all kind of different villages and cities, mountainbike all day or book a day charter, riding the snow in the Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada, relaxing on sandy beaches, tours along unique architecture or just feel home. In every way Spain is good for your holiday, but also for long term stay and enjoying everything it has to offer.   




The ABC Islands in the Caribbean Sea named, Aruba / Bonaire / Curacao. Exotic white beaches with palmtrees, azure blue waters, beautiful coral reefs, pink flamingo’s, iguana’s, parrots with yellow wings and lots of colourfull buildings. Rent a car to drive around one of the Islands and enjoy the coastlines, nature, surroundings, the (hidden) bays, food and drinks during your trip at (local) restaurants. When your a lover of the water, then book a day charter on a boat or catamaran and maybay you will be treated by seeing dolphins. Its a divers and snorkling paradise with the greatest underwater worlds were you find so many species of fish and types of coral.   








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